Gay Center, in Reversal, to Allow Meeting Tonight on 'Israeli Apartheid' Protest Planning

​It looks like free political debate at the LGBT Center has won the day — for now.

A new group, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, had applied to rent space for a planning meeting in the Center. The group is made up of many of the same people who were in Siege Busters Working Group, who were kicked out of the Center for planning a "Party to End [Israeli] Apartheid" and permanently banned from ever meeting there again when pro-Zionist porn impresario Michael Lucas complained.

The new group told the Voice earlier this week that they'd attempted to make a reservation at the Center, but did not believe it was going to be accepted, and they were planning to show up anyway to meet in the lobby if necessary. But as of yesterday, the Center granted the request, and they'll be meeting at 6:30 tonight. On the agenda will be the planning of marches against Israel's occupation of Palestine. The marches would be in the upcoming Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn Pride parades. / @steven_thrasher

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Vishal Persaud
Vishal Persaud

I'm never going to find myself at The Center again!!! They don't have the conviction of their beliefs. An organization who is supposed to weed out this kind of discrimination. Siege Busters should not have been turned away. The Center can go fuck itself. 

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