Huckabee Out, Gingrich, Paul In, Which Rightbloggers Declare Good News for Herman Cain

tomt200.jpgThere was some action in the GOP 2012 Presidential race last week, with Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul declaring themselves in and Mike Huckabee declaring himself out.

Rightbloggers sifted the results, and found them good -- because there was at least one true conservative left whom they could support in the race.

And this time they weren't talking about Donald Trump.

On Wednesday former House Speaker Newt Gingrich entered the Presidential fray. We suspect that by, on the one hand, attacking Obama as the "food stamp President" and, on the other, attacking Paul Ryan's GOP Medicare plan as "right-wing social engineering," Gingrich was trying to spread his chips on as many winning numbers as possible.

This sort of difference-splitting didn't please the belligerati, though. "Newt Stumbles Out of the Gate," said Doug Powers of the Michelle Malkin site. ".. .Somebody sat on the love-seat with Nancy [Pelosi] way too long." Gingrich "Spouts Dem Talking Points," said The Lonely Conservative. "Just what democrats wanted to hear," scoffed Jim Hoft. "Newt Gingrich, quintessential Big Government conservative," said Ed Driscoll.

"If Gingrich does not have anything better than to offer these Obamaesque talking points," said Pejman Yousefzadeh, "then it is hard to see why libertarians and small-government conservatives ought to take him seriously." And without them, how can anyone get elected President?

They did credit Gingrich at least for the food stamp crack -- or rather, they leapt to his defense when Meet The Press host David Gregory gave him a hard time about calling the country's black leader a food stamp President, because if there's anything that gets rightbloggers to a person's side, it's the opposition of the Lame Stream Media.

"As much as I dislike Newt, this is just pathetic," said Weasel Zippers. "Truly pathetic," underscored Jim Hoft. "Gregory demonstrates that the liberal media will do everything it can to protect Obama," said Freedom's Lighthouse. "They will shamelessly play the race card at every turn..."

"The entire GOP field will be attacked as 'racist,' pretty much for just running against Barack Obama," predicted Donald Douglas of American Power. "He's black. How dare you??!!"

Douglas was also appalled that the media imputed racism to Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who also announced for President this week, just because Paul doesn't approve of the Civil Rights Act, which apparently has something to do with black people. For this Paul got some extra love from Robert Stacy McCain, again on grounds of liberal persecution: "Reagan, Goldwater and millions of other decent, patriotic Americans opposed -- or were at least skeptical toward -- the Civil Rights Act of 1964," McCain said, and blamed the Act for "busing riots in Boston, bogus sexual harassment lawsuits, the rise of 'diversity training' consultants," etc. But now, McCain lamented, "for all intents and purposes, the history of that era is whatever liberal academics say it is." Will they never overcome?

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee declared himself out of the running on his Fox TV show Saturday. "He did so after wrapping up a rollicking version of 'Cat Scratch Fever' with Ted Nugent, backing the Nuge on bass," reported Pat Dollard. We suppose (as have others) that between his TV gig, his personal appearances, and his new history cartoon project, Huckabee felt a run at Obama just didn't pay off.

Ah, but did somebody throw the race to another conservative favorite by allowing a special video to follow Huckabee's announcement? "Did the Huckster just send a message to his supporters that Trump is his guy now?" asked Virginia Virtucon. Let's all hope so!

"An absolute game-changer!" said Conservatives4Palin. Keep hope alive!

Other lamented the withdrawal, some if not all because they wanted Huckabee to win.

Mike Huckabee President 2012 changed its name to Mike Huckabee President 2016 and sighed, "I think this pretty much guarantees Obama and the Democrats another 4 years in the White House... We'll survive to fight another day." Just to make extra sure we would survive, the author promised to keep up his "Dogs Against Romney" site ("ABC News: Romney's dog cruelty 'wrong for his children to witness.'")

"I'm not surprised that he opted against running is the political climate in the country," said Mike Huckabee for President, as yet un-renamed. (Previously MHfP had addressed charges that Huckabee, despite all appearances, is a liberal, saying, "If Huckabee is a liberal, than we've all got problems.")

Others were pissed that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, whose recent defense of his MassCare health-care plan angered conservatives, was left without a heavyweight challenger. "Mitt Romney is once again the de facto 'front-runner,'" said Pundit Press. "... Social Conservatives no longer have a candidate." "RINO Romney Leads Most Polls," said RedState's wesxking, "Conservatives Beware." His colleague Erick Erickson declared hopefully that "the field is wide open to be the anti-Mitt..."

But many rightbloggers had already broken faith with Huckabee before this.

So long, suckers.
Some had specific, unique complaints. "I am not a huge fan of 'Huckabee', the Fox News talk show that is hosted by Mike Huckabee," said Conservative Daily News. Though the author had liked the show at first, "over time," she said, "it has become quite frustrating how many times each show airs over the course of one weekend."

But others forsook the telegenic Christian because he'd muddied the conservative message with some of the more socialistic elements of the Jesus doctrine.

Though polls had shown Huckabee "competitive with Obama on a nationwide basis," said Kevin Glass of TownHall, "nonetheless, many conservatives have been a bit disappointed with Huckabee over the years and derided him as a big-government conservative. Ann Coulter famously said..." We'll spare you.

"Huckabee supported scholarships for children of illegal aliens," said FavStocks. Also, "shame on Huckabee for building this up to get viewers for his Fox show during Neilsen's Sweeps."

"I'm glad he's not running," said The Lonely Conservative. Why? Last year, Joy Behar of The View called Huckabee "my favorite Republican," and TLC had the damning video. "The political kiss of death," TLC called it.

"Common sense prevails," said iOwnTheWorld. Reason? In February iOTW was incensed that Huckabee defended Michelle Obama's diet plans. "You moron," he said then. "Salt, sugar and fat have all been targeted by the left as potential avenues for revenue building. First isolate, then vilify, then scapegoat, then tax it." Also, Huckabee defended Obama on his former attendance at Reverend Wright's church. "Wright's church and his teachings has roots in Marxism, racism and ties to the Nation of Islam," said iOTW then. "You are a joke, Huckabee. Get out of politics and go into proctology."

Even Huckabee's reference to Obama's as a "good family" bothered iOTW: "They are a far left family. I don't laud those. And neither should you while we are in a fight for this country, you damn moron."

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