Harold Camping Comes Outside After 'Really Tough Weekend' Without the Rapture

There Will Not Be Blood
"It has been a really tough weekend," said Harold Camping, the 89-year-old leader of all of that end of the world bullshit, upon finally opening his front door in Alameda, California, a day after he thought he'd be in heaven. He said he was "flabbergasted"; he wore a polo shirt. "I'm looking for answers," he said. "But now I have nothing else to say." He went to close his door -- we imagine he looked down at his feet and whimpered. "I'll be back to work Monday," he said, "and will say more then." When he does, we'll no longer be listening. Hopefully no one else will either. [SFGate]

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Get a clue, Campy.  Just drop dead already.  Hope you feel guilty about stirring up all the stupidest people.  Give that guy back his money who bought the ads with his life savings, but he'll probably just buy some magic beans.


This whole stupid subject has almost nothing to do with religion and almost everything to do with a guy who is 89 and probably suffering from dementia. Why he received any attention in the first place is beyond me.

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