Herbal 'Viagra' Found in Osama Bin Laden's Home Also Prevents Against Bed Wetting

The New York Daily News investigated Avena, the herbal "Viagra" found in Osama Bin Laden's home, and we thank them for that. Apparently Avena is "readily available and popular in New York," and, in fact, one of the most popular items at a store called Flower Power on 9th Street right near Village Voice HQ. According to the owner of the store, "It's a restorative remedy and New Yorkers need it," while another store employee says "It increases male sperm count and motility." Meanwhile, down at Commodities, an organic produce store, a salesperson explained that the herb was good for depression, stress, and bed wetting. The more we know about Osama, the better! [NYDN]

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