José Andujar, Obama Condom Salesman, Again Arrested by City

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Despite a New York State Supreme Court ruling that "Obama" condoms are protected by the the First Amendment and that condom wrappers, regardless of what they say, "should be treated like books," a/k/a not require a vending license, José Andujar, a Times Square street vendor of Obama-branded condoms (tagline: "It's the ultimate stimulus package for hard times") has again been arrested by the city. This is Andujar's third arrest in a year for "unlicensed peddling," and the city vows to keep busting him until they get an outcome on their appeal of the ruling, which sounds like not quite the way it's supposed to work. Still, according to, the company does a fairly brisk business online, which answers our question as to whether anyone actually wants to purchase Obama condoms. Apparently, yes. They also come in McCain, Palin, and "Oil Spill." [NYP]

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