Joseph Brooks, "You Light Up My Life" Songwriter, Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

joseph brooks .jpg
Joseph Brooks, Oscar-winning songwriter and accused rapist, was found dead in his Manhattan apartment today in what police are calling a suicide. He was 73. Brooks was found with a dry cleaning bag over his head, near a hose attached to a helium tank. Police have a suicide note but will not release it. Brooks was awaiting trial on charges that he raped several young actresses who he lured to his apartment promising them film auditions. He was charged with a stunning 82 counts of sexual abuse. On top of that, his son, 25-year-old Nick Brooks, is also in trouble with the law: he's accused of strangling his girlfriend Sylvie Cachay at SoHo House. The Brooks family saga is beginning to resemble a Shakespeare tragedy. 


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Trashy dad, murderous son.  May they rot in hell/prison.


He raped my friend. What a coward. I hope justice is served with his son.

judy covey
judy covey

really?  when was that?  was she given wine too...???  any info would be helpful...trying to write book about the sordid mess....thanks in advance and condolences to your friend.

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