Lindley DeVecchio, ex-FBI Mob Buster, Once Again Blasts Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes

Former FBI Mob investigator Lindley DeVecchio once again lets Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes have it for indicting him for getting to close to his prize informant.

DeVecchio, appearing on Curtis Sliwa's talk show yesterday morning on AM 970, called Hynes "either incredibly stupid or incredibly arrogant" for going after him on charges that he had aided Greg "Grim Reaper" Scarpa in three mob hits.

"They had information that exonerated me, but he chose to go ahead and indict me.," DeVecchio tells Sliwa.

Hynes' case fell apart when former Voice columnist Tom Robbins and mafia scribe Jerry Capeci produced tapes that showed his star witness, Scarpa's girlfriend Linda Schiro, was lying.

You can listen to the 10 minute interview here:

DeVecchio appeared on the show to hawk his book, "We're Gonna Win This Thing," which recounts his mob busting career with the FBI. He says Scarpa's information was so good that it led to the downfall of the mob as it was constructed in the early 1990s.

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  Don't worry Lin.  There is a comedian that said "Ya can't fix stupid"  and it appears that this is a living testimony.   He probaly likes chicken fried steak and his friends cal him "Bubba"  --Take care God Bless. 

rodney stich
rodney stich

DeVecchio is playing a dangerous game. There is a serious scandal assocxiated with the inexplicable dropping of charges. A far worse matter than whether DeVecchio is guilty of the original charges is shown in part at And that is only the start!

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