Man 'Nearly Pops' After Air Hose Gets Stuck in His Butt

Violet Beauregarde suffered from a similar problem.
Oh man. Here is a terrible, awful, shocking, horrifying tale that, unless you are stronger and better than us (probably) might sort of make you chuckle in a Beavis/Butthead sort of way, but only in the midst of being horrified, and wondering if this could possibly be real. This is also the tale of the unluckiest guy in New Zealand, a truck driver named Steve McCormack who somehow managed to get an air hose "lodged in his buttocks" after slipping and falling on the rigging between his truck and the trailer. What happened next is something.

Via the New York Daily News,

He landed on the hose connected to the semi's airbrakes and broke it. The nozzle pierced his left buttocks and air from the tanks pumped into his body at 100 pounds per square inch.

"I was blowing up like a football," he said. "I had no choice but just to lay there, blowing up like a balloon."

Nearly half the tank of air was pumped into him before co-workers managed to remove the nozzle. However, McCormack is not actually the unluckiest guy in New Zealand, because after three days and a trip to intensive care, he's back to his normal size again. And he has this story to tell the grandkids.

Holy shit. Please incorporate this lesson into your life in whichever way you can so as to avoid it happening to you.

New Zealand truck driver Steven McCormack nearly pops after getting air hose lodged in buttocks [NYDN]

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Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell

So it pierced his butt instead of going into his butt hole?

To me pierced means that it broke through skin so I picture it going through a cheek... which doesn't sound as bad as pumping air up through the butt hole...

Or was this just a poor choice of words?  Did it actually go into his butt hole?


If it woulda gone up his ass it woulda ruptured his bowels, herniated his lumbar discs and he woulda died an agonizing death.

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