Manhattan Tells Brooklyn to Suck It

James Campbell Taylor
Dear Boroughs,

Last week we wrote of a "lighthearted jab at that other borough across the river," for sale on Etsy from the Fourth Floor Print Shop. In it, Brooklyn told Manhattan that it was ugly and, basically, that it was over it. Manhattan has now written back, or at least, one Manhattanite has. James Campbell Taylor sent us his "considered response" (at right) which is not available on Etsy -- but you can buy it from his site.

Taylor told Jeremiah's Vanishing New York that he made the sign "after growing tired of such tiresome jabs towards Manhattan. What began as a form of reverse snobbery is in many cases revealing itself as sheer ignorance. Whatever you say about this island -- and the well-documented changes it's going through -- it remains undeniably one of the most wondrous places in the Western World."

In a post titled "Ok, now we're fighting," Becoming Brooklyn says, "Too far Manhattan, too far." Oooh, we thought that's what cab drivers said while refusing to cross the bridge. Queens, you want in, or can we all just go get a drink together and hug now? (Manhattan, Brooklyn, you guys are both so pretty!)


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Jean Prescott
Jean Prescott

This is hilarious. I thought only silly Southern towns had such rivalries. A bunch of bumpkins, it seems, for all the razzle-dazzle.


I bet the organic food consumption in Manhattan far and away greater than that of Brooklyn, even accounting for Brooklyn's larger population. Just saying.

Eva Saviano
Eva Saviano

There IS something to be said for the use of the word 'twee.' However, I was hoping that our fine screen printing Manhattanite would have had a little more...sauce. And fewer conjunctions.

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