Manhattanhenge, Slightly Different, Happening Again Tonight

Hayden Planetarium
Manhattanhenge -- the awesome phenomenon in which the sun aligns with Manhattan's grid -- is happening again tonight. Same time, same place, slight difference. Last night, half of the sun's face was cut off by the horizon line, but tonight the whole circumference will be visible. If you are still confused, the Hayden Planetarium has a diagram detailing the difference. (Be forewarned, the Planetarium's Neil deGrasse Tyson also adds that last night's sunset was his "personal preference for photographs.") Manhattanhenge occurs at 8:17 p.m., and if you're too lazy to drag yourself out tonight, it will recur July 12. [Gothamist]

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Manhattanhenge may just be a unique urban phenomenon in the world, if not the universe. To get the best view of the rare and beautiful sight, you need to be as far east in Manhattan as possible and look west across the avenues.


That is really interesting. I would love to see that in person!

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