Mitch Daniels Out of 2012 Race; Herman Cain is the Next President of the United States

tomt200.jpgDespite the speculation of Fox News ("he has a proven record of managing the kinds of fiscal problems that beset our nation"), the Washington Post ("a Daniels candidacy probably would be taken as a sign that the games are over for the Republican Party, that it is time to buckle down and organize to beat President Obama"), and others -- not to mention CNN's Erick Erickson's declaration that "according to my sources, Mitch Daniels will announce he is running for President" -- the governor of Indiana copped out of the 2012 race this weekend, citing the disapproval of his wife and children.

Maybe Daniels took that conk on his head by a door at the gym as a warning. It has also been suggested that Daniels' marital history -- his wife left him, married someone else, then came back to him -- was a factor.

That's all water under the bridge now. Rightbloggers rushed to give their support to pizza magnate Herman Cain, or whatever non-candidate might emerge to rescue them from him. Daniels' homeboy Hoosierpundit seemed to blame the call on Mrs. Daniels -- "All it takes for bad men to triumph is for good men to do nothing. And good women to not let good men do anything" -- as did American Truth Machine, who headlined, "My Man Mitch Held Back By His Bitch."

POWIP, who said he admired Daniels' "Coolidge-like" attainments as governor, felt similarly. "So I'm getting the feeling that 'Mitch the Knife's' wife won't let him come out to play," he grumbled, "because she doesn't want to have to answer for, or explain, her embarrasing fling; nor does she want to have Mitch face the continuous questioning on the matter. Because, really, her comfort and pride is more important than the fix our nation is in... this really seems that it's all because his wife doesn't want to have to dance to the tune she punched into the juke-box-so to speak..."

Come on, fellas -- Daniels defunded Planned Parenthood; surely he's done his part for the He-Man Women Haters Club.

Pundit & Pundette were slightly more sympathetic: "FOX News cites the Daniels' 'unusual marital history,' which was sure to attract lots of negative attention from the dumpster-diving liberal media..." "Given the public spectacle that erupted this week when Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger announced hat they had separated," said JAMES 4 America, " has to wonder if Cheri Daniels, as well as their daughters, were simply not up to the public lashing that would be in store for Mrs. Daniels." Ah, the media -- is there anything that isn't their fault?

A few of the brethren were disappointed by Daniels' withdrawal on electability grounds. "The one man who seemed to have the world beating a path to his door," lamented Jazz Shaw at Hot Air, "offering to largely pay his tab for fundraising, some essentially begging him to toss his hat in the ring, was the one guy who honestly didn't want to do it and had good reasons to decline."

But in the main, rightbloggers were pleased Daniels was gone, largely because Daniels had invited Republicans to join a "truce" on social issues so they could hammer Democrats on the economy, which they considered unspeakable apostasy.

Bucks Right rejoiced that the "noted appeaser of liberalism" and "midget 'social issues truce' advocate" Daniels had bailed. "Mitch Daniels (R-Establishment) Will Not Run," huzzahed PoliPundit.

So long, suckers. (Part 2.)
"Daniels' trucer talk turned me off of him months ago," said Planet Freedom. "The Obama Lapdog Media and Country-club Republican establishment is weeping," crowed Marooned in Marin. "Speaking of defensive... the man lost a fight with a door," said Ann Althouse.

"Guess the Bush and Rove wing of the Republican Party -- who've been practically begging Daniels to run -- is heartsick," scoffed The Conservative Diva. "Since I Want Smaller Government, Mitch Daniels Won't Be Missed," agreed International Liberty. "This spares the republicans another candidate of the Dole/Bush/McCain Liberal model," applauded The Blogomocracy.

Daniels' departure got some rightbloggers reaching for their wish-lists of Republicans who have not expressed a desire to run for President in 2012.

"We need more people running. Please Chris Christie Please," begged proudgop at RedState. "Gov. Perry? Gov. Rick Perry? It's 3am and your phone is ringing," urged HolyCoast.

"Mitch Daniels' announcement that he's not running for president means Republicans may turn up the pressure on dream candidates like Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan and Chris Christie," said the Daily Caller. "All eyes will be on Sarah Palin," said Conservative Samizdat.

"Expect the pressure on Rep. Paul Ryan and Gov. Christie to increase dramatically," said Left Coast Rebel. "New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is being heavily courted, as well as Jeb Bush," reacted Right Pundits. "Stay tuned as the Bush donors scramble to find someone to draft to be the anti-Romney candidate," said Flap's Blog. "My best guess is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie."

This weekend Ryan had to remind everyone that he wasn't running. Christie, who has forcefully denied an interest in the Presidency, last week went so far as to express a lack of interest in the Vice-Presidency. (And no wonder.)

Other non-candidates are cagier: Jeb Bush let the Magic 8-Ball quasi-decline for him (ask again later), Perry claims he doesn't want to be distracted. And Palin -- well, you can never rule her out.

But why are these folks looking for outside help, anyway, when the next President of the United States, former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain, just declared that he's running?

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