Porn Producer Offers Pippa Middleton $5 Million To Star In Film

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Pippa Middleton has an opportunity to make a quick buck or two with relatively little effort! Porn producer Steven Hirsch, the head of Vivid Entertainment, is offering Kate's little sister $5 million to appear in just one scene in one of his movies. And if Pippa wants to bring along brother James, Hirsch is prepared to offer him $1 million to appear in a separate scene. Well, I just don't see where the downside is in this situation.

Hirsch sent Pippa a letter, which reads in part:

As far as I was concerned, you were the star of the recent Royal Wedding. As I watched a broadcast of the event I couldn't help but think that with your beauty and attitude, you could be an enormously successful adult star.

This week, after seeing photos of you having a great time at a party, I decided to offer you a role in one of our upcoming movies.

For just one explicit scene I would be pleased to offer you $5 million and, of course, you would have your choice of partners. If you would like to bring your brother James along, he could appear in a separate scene for another $1 million.

Besides the fact that this is the most obvious publicity stunt ever and frankly is borderline offensive and rather gross and neither Middleton would ever, ever consider it (actually, James might), it sounds like a pretty decent deal.


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More hyperbole and a gimmick attempt by Vivid Entertainment to associate themselves with Ms Middleton (surely they have no real expectation that Pippa Middleton is sitting their mulling their offer, if not throwing up in the bathroom in disgust…) it seems Mr Hirshch’s offer is but a ploy to draw attention to his namesake and to perversely signal to the wider culture that even someone like Pippa Middleton is a legitimate possible suspect for smut and fun. Which is to say if media entities once held some regard or respect for certain members of society, that moment has long come and gone…

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