Ten Hot Famous Fat Chicks

Sam Zide
Dan Weiss is the author of the blog Ask a Guy Who Likes Fat Chicks and he's profiled in our recent feature, "Guys Who Like Fat Chicks." He put together a list of ten hot famous bigger women with the disclaimer that he "tried to mix girls I personally think are pretty with girls you don't have to be an Fat Admirer to think are pretty." Either way, we trust his judgment.

If you don't want to squeeze a few of these cuties, you may need your head (and hands) checked.



The singer told Rolling Stone a few weeks ago that "even if [she] had a really good figure, she'd get her ass and tits out for no one." Glad she's not into selling her body, but it's unfortunate the Brit correlated that with not having a "really good figure." Her eyelashy Hollywood pout is far from unconventional beauty, and as for the neck below, you're the best-selling pop star in a curvy country. Please own it.


Mia Amber Davis

You may remember Mia Amber Davis as the fat black chick in leopard panties who seduces the rubbery D.J. Qualls in Road Trip, even if you don't remember who D.J. Qualls is. But these two stereotypes got it on so innocently and slow-grinding that the scene was more steamy than funny. (To me, anyway.) Even as a fat joke, it was hard to make Davis un-hot. So it makes sense she's a plus-size model and sometime size-positive blogger in 2011. Progress is sexy too. Update: Less than three hours after this was posted, we received news that Mia Amber Davis had passed away.


Melissa McCarthy

In the ultra-ideal world of Gilmore Girls, everyone speaks in snappy mile-a-minute patter and all fat girls have normal dating lives. Melissa McCarthy's Sookie St. James was undeniably cute and confident. Dressed to fit her not-at-all-small body (tastefully, I know people are into that), she was an unapologetic chef and--wow!--was never interrogated about her weight or even had it referenced. She even had the gall to go and get pregnant. Then McCarthy 180'd entirely with Mike & Molly, a show almost exclusively about fat, that billed itself somewhat the way Shallow Hal did: a big pile of fat jokes with a little message at the bottom. Having seen both extremes, McCarthy's career seems untarnished, as her new comedy Bridesmaids opens this weekend with a Judd Apatow production credit and everything. Not bad compared to that chick from Popular who hawks Jenny Craig now!


Carrie Baker Reynolds

Many people who aren't "into" fat chicks will understand that most of the girls on this list are "pretty" or something. Not Carrie Baker Reynolds, with her 400-pound figure and jiggly gait in her suburban-normal portrayal of a niche-and-happy webmodel. But in just one film, and even lumped into stupidly typical food-porn slot-casting, Carrie still shines (to me) in City Island as one of the biggest sex symbols in movie history. But would a sex scene have been too much to ask?


Lindsay Hollister

Lindsay Hollister's the unsung guts of fat character acting. She's pretty and she's the poster girl for taking work where she can get it: a high school student on Boston Public who has a heart attack, a framed victim of fat-bullying on SVU, or the ninth-circle horrors of Uwe Boll's title character in the forthcoming Bloodrayne/Inglourious Basterds spoof Blubberella. But the one we hope you've seen was the Get Smart remake, in a riotous dance-off with Steve Carell where, much like his ex-fellow schlubs on The Office, you can laugh with her too.

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sexy knickers
sexy knickers

 Low cut jeans can be an enormous style statement and it can also look very sexy. The downside of low cut denim jeans is that it can be equally unappealing too.

May hanizsewski
May hanizsewski like.author.displayName 1 Like

What da fuck!!!!these ladies are UGLY you bitches don't know what pretty is so damn u!!!

Slim Jim
Slim Jim like.author.displayName 1 Like

Fatness and hotness are mutually exclusive. They can not exist in the same woman. Sorry.

aruthlessfatale like.author.displayName 1 Like

you're clearly an ignoramus because it can and its all around you. Time to come out of the closet.


I'm greatfull for this list. It's nice to be able to relate to great, and tallented BBW. Not that fat should be encouraged coz it's just as unhealthy as being anorexic; I get that. But, I have the right to be comfortable, carreer oriented, loving and feel beautifull even if I don't fit the cat walk mold (which I have no interest for anyways).

Also good to read men admitting their love for bolder women in the open. I love it! It's as if it's almost taboo to say it out loud in this must-go-to-the-gym sociaty we live in. But let's face it, difference has always triggered discrimination but, it is something that can be distroyed once you break it down to getting to know the person rather then judging the outter appearance; thin, fat, ugly, beautiful, red, white, black, yellow, brown, man, women, young, old, tall, short, etc. It just makes it all more interesting.

Just wanted to share,

... like.author.displayName 1 Like

*cough* *cough*  Queen Latifah <3333

Jdfdj like.author.displayName 1 Like

This is disgusting there's some serious fucking nasties on here

Louise Werrij
Louise Werrij

Thankyou, you have a nice taste in women. :) At first I was a bit affraid of what I was about to read, but you have chosen some beautiful women indeed. And it makes me actually feel better, knowing there are too men who can see the beauty in a plussize woman (something some of my friends could work on maybe, haha)!

Sometimes I can't help but regret that Jennifer Hudson lost so much weight. It's good for her health, naturally, and I'm happy for her, but when I first saw her on DreamGirls I thought she was one of the most amazing looking women in Hollywood...

bob rains
bob rains

It's sort of cruel throwing Hailey Hasselhoff in on this list don't you think?  I mean most of the other ladies on this list are 2 to 3 times her size, if she didn't have concerns about her weight, or was personally struggling with it, I'd be willing to bet she is now.  

MikeB like.author.displayName 1 Like

chubby girls need dick too


Great article! Lots of big beautiful babes on this list, but how could you leave off Brooke Elliot?  Good to see fat girls getting more visibility in a media so oversaturated with anorexic waifs, it's time to treat our chubby sistas with the love and respect they deserve. So sad about Mia Amber Davis dying, may she rest in peace.  


no raven-symone???

Misty Jean Moore
Misty Jean Moore like.author.displayName 1 Like

Raven lost half her weight. Haven't you seen her new thinner body? 


Great article, beautiful women, and I now want to marry this writer!


Glad to see a sort of follow up to the last article. Nice list here.


Good article. He named quite a few that I didn't know of. I had been wondering about the next generation of BBW's & now I know who they are.


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Where's Brook Elliot in this list? :'(


Nice list but you forgot to add Raven Goodwinshes pretty damn funny herself


u go girl.... u oscar winner u...lol

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