U.S.A. Chant on L Train to Bedford Fails Miserably

Via our friends at Animal NY comes this video in which a man attempts to inspire a pro-U.S.A. chant on the L Train en route to Williamsburg on Monday morning. In fairness, not everyone loves chanting, even if they do love America, and being directed to chant on a packed subway as you head to work after probably not very much sleep is especially unappealing. One guy responds by flipping him off. The chanter writes, "Attempted this the first day after news of Osama Bin Laden's death. FAIL. 'Next stop Bedford Ave' should have warned me." That's right: Chants are for Times Square, buddy. Know your audience.

NYC Commuters Refuse Jingoist Chant [Animal NY]

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I'm in this video. It was actually on a Monday evening on the way back from work.


If he had started it with "everyone who chants gets a free PBR" it would have been a different story.

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