Videos From Ruben Diaz Sr.'s Anti-Gay Marriage Rally

Our intrepid Steven Thrasher went and scoped out state senator Ruben Diaz Sr.'s anti-gay marriage rally in the Bronx today. You know, the one cunningly timed to coincide with the annual AIDS Walk and with Diaz's own son's Bronx Week events.

The event's main speakers were Diaz and National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown. Steven tells us the crowd was about 1000 strong, down from a high of around 20,000 in 2009.

The above video is really, really Jesus-y, but then this one is strangely festive:

Look for a full report of the bigot party from Steven here tomorrow. Also check out his Twitter feed, where he tweeted updates throughout the afternoon.


Father Knows Best: State Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr.'s Anti-Gay-Marriage Parade to Disrupt Boro Prez Son's Event

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Ruben Diaz Sr.: Gay Marriage Over My Dead Body

Who Do We Have to Blow To Get Gay Marriage?

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Jeffrey J Smith Bklyn Heights
Jeffrey J Smith Bklyn Heights

I am in the second video on the steps wearing a Brooks Brothers Blue Blazer and red tie.I found Sen Diaz's statements remarkably reasonable and moderate. He made it clear hate has no part of his movement. He called up his grand daughter who is living a lifestyle certainly he and many others disapprove of. She was allowed to speak without restriction. All SenDiaz dared to ask for is that before we embark on a society changing measure like this it should be put to a general vote. Exactly what the"gay activists, typical NY press and various "human rights advocates" NEVER want to happen. Sure, they want to go through the already radicalized NY state legailature, or worse, the courts, where there is no democracy.They know that the average, normal New York state resident in no way wants such an attack on the basic reference points of society of which marrage is one major element.

Dispite the really nasty weather conditions the American TFP, Eagle forum people and reporters from the American Free Press from Washington were present (see, there IS a good press) There was a strong catholic element present. I saw activists from the Trenton NJ area and the Albany NY area. I was there with several friends and associates from the Brooklyn Heights area.The press coverage, especially to FOREIGN press attending was significant. The foreign press is a LOT freer than our press here in many ways now. 


 The Reverend Diaz is wearing . . . in one and the same outfit . . . a preacher's collar and a pimp's hat.  Governor Luis Fortuño of Puerto Rico might think about staging an intervention, so that the Boricua Preacher stops embarrassing his home island this way.  Diaz had boasted that he wasn't inviting Ricky Martin to this anti-gay hate rally . . . as if Ricky would be caught dead with a naco who looks like he just finished preaching at the Church of Our Lady of Too Many Rum Cocktails.  No pun intended with the word cock.  One thing that strikes me, besides the rather obvious, that this "Reverend" (cough, barf) is a total asshole, un carajo de los peores, is that in addition to being a horrid turkey, he is also a mental mediocrity.  He can tie his shoes, he can strategize as a vicious bigot to perpetuate malignant bigotry, but his native intelligence does not appear to rise above the low end of mediocre.  I challenge the Reverend Senator Ruben Diaz to take a Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale IQ test . . the full scale test . . with 10 core subtests and five supplemental subtests . . . and then for our IQ test results to be released to the public.  Should it turn out that I am arguing against a mentally deficient person who happened to get elected as a State Senator, I might be moved to feel pity for him over his intellectual handicap.


....looks to me like it wasn't worth the effort......but then, bigotry seldon is....... 


get your numbers right their were more than 1000 present today more like 10m  


Tyrannical TheocRAT @Revrbubendiaz  believes in one thing and one thing only: the "Final Leviticus Solution to the Homosexual Problem" because he believes in the genocidal slave owner manual Kill-Gays genocidal bible. He was elected by kill gays Jesus freaks who also believes that the only good gay is a dead gay. @MIKEBLOOMBERG: thinks that inciting crowds to kill gay people is free speech. @NYCProgressives don't care how many gays are bashed to death they call that free speech.   @Nomtweets Fuhrer  @briansbrown just wants to kill all gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender people because he does not think we are human beings & not entitled to human rights. These homo-hot-&-bothered heterosupremacist tyrannical theocRATS need to take their KILL GAYS genocidal bible & shove it down their own throats & choke on it.

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