'We Are All Osama Bin Laden' Facebook Page Deleted

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A Facebook group entitled "We Are All Osama Bin Laden" started after his death has been deleted after topping 10,000 members, the blog ArabCrunch reports, guessing that the pro-Bin Laden page was removed because of "calls for violence," but claims a double standard with things "related to Palestine or Islam." The Facebook group seems to have caught the attention last week of right-wing message board Free Republic, whose members write about reporting it for "violence or harmful behavior" and "credible threat of violence." It's possible that with enough such reports, the page was removed from Facebook automatically.

Meanwhile, a version of the removed group, pictured above, seems to exist in Google's cache (though with only 591 "likes") and includes comments like [sic], "10 years to kill One Person and they are happy , HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA," and "If amirca kill ben ladin there million replace him and we will be a kings of world."

And copycats have already popped up. "We are all Osama bin Laden" has just 15 likes and features comments like "i don't believe that osama bin laden is death..," while the contradictory "WE ARE ALL OSAMA BIN LADEN AND ARE ALL AGAINST TERRORISM" is sticking around, too, so far.

Stamping out idiots from the Internet? Impossible.

[jcoscarelli@villagevoice.com / @joecoscarelli]

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All the Christians + all over the world support AmericaGod bless America+

Frank Fernandez
Frank Fernandez

Bin Laden is Popular in the Muslim world as Hitler was to Nazi Germany

Greg Hedgepath
Greg Hedgepath

They should have left the page up. Talk about a list of useful names to know about. Who lives next door to You?

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