Adrian Schoolcraft To Meet With Queens Prosecutors Next Month

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The Queens District Attorney has scheduled a sit-down early next month with the police officer who was dragged by police to a psychiatric facility and held for six days, after reporting allegations of misconduct to NYPD investigators, the Voice has learned.

The meeting could be an indication that prosecutors are once again interested in investigating the NYPD"s treatment two years ago of Police Officer Adrian Schoolcraft.

Schoolcraft was the source for unprecedented secret recordings made in Brooklyn's 81 Precinct in 2008 and 2009, which the Voice turned into an award-winning five-part series titled "The NYPD Tapes." (Most recently, the series was selected for the New York Press Club's Gold Keyboard Award)

He is currently suspended indefinitely without pay. He has filed a lawsuit in which he alleges that his civil rights were violated when a deputy chief and a precinct commander ordered him forcibly removed from his apartment on Oct. 31, 2009 and taken in handcuffs to the Jamaica Hospital psychiatric ward.

Three weeks before that, Schoolcraft had met with several department investigators and provided documented instances of manipulation of crime reports in his precinct to keep the crime statistics down.

Schoolcraft's allegations led to department charges against the former precinct commander, two sergeants and two police officers.

Schoolcraft's lawyer, Jon Norinsberg declined comment on the meeting. Helen Peterson, a spokeswoman for Queens District Attorney Richard Brown, also declined comment.

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The problem is endemic. Watch it get white washed.


After they lock up this guinea punk Marino, they should go after Moscat who would routinely downgrade crimes while a Lt. in the 49 Pct.


This better be an indication that criminal charges are pending for Deputy Chief Michael Marino, the steroid using bully that lost his temper and ordered Officer Schoolcraft to be thrown to the floor (assault), removed his property (robbery), and wrongly incarcerated into a psychiatric facility as an EDP based on lies provided by Marino (kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, official misconduct)

Yes Mr Marino, the law applies to everyone.  Lets hope the queens DA believes that the law applies equally to all regardless of their position in life.

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