Anthony Weiner Took More Self-Portraits in the House Members Gym

weiner gym tmz.jpg
via TMZ
Weiner at the gym.
As Anthony Weiner goes on a leave of absence and starts therapy, yet more photos have emerged that the congressman took of himself -- this time, in the gym that members of Congress use. Content-wise, they're what we've come to expect from Weiner's self-portraiture: cell-phone snapshots in a mirror, a few of them featuring almost-full-frontal nudity. No details on when these were taken or why (we have a pretty good guess as to why). There's also the issue of location: TMZ speculates that Weiner's taking the photos in the Congressional gym might constitute some kind of ethics violation. Seems tenuous, although it might depend on where the photos ended up.

Anyway, go here to see more pictures if you're into this sort of thing. In other Weiner news, he's reportedly waiting for his wife, Huma Abedin, to return from an overseas trip before deciding whether or not he'll resign.



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Remember it was kinky Weiner that had the balls to expose Clarence Thomas and his multi-million dollar family scam. Lets worship Weiner`s balls instead of trying to castrate them.

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