Anthony Weiner Considering Resignation, Source Says [Breaking]

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Anthony Weiner is finally beginning to seriously consider resigning from his seat, the Daily News has learned from a source. No wonder: In the past few days alone, it's come out that his wife is pregnant, he corresponded with a teenage girl, Democratic leaders all want him to quit, and now today a new batch of porny photos have surfaced. According to the source, Weiner has not been sleeping and constantly paces his apartment; staffers say a decision won't be made until Wednesday, when his wife, Huma Abedin, returns from her overseas trip with Hillary Clinton.


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He's a personal sleaze and I disagree with his policies. However, the last thing he should do is resign since that would just encourage lightweight dolts like Breitbart, Patterico, and other r/w bloggers who've been pushing this story instead of concentrating on things that actually matter.

P.S. If you want to see why one of Weiner's *policy* ideas is wrong, see this:

P.P.S. OTOH, I can see why the Dems wouldn't want to encourage Breitbart, Patterico, and other r/w bloggers from showing how their policies are wrong. Not that Breitbart et al are capable of it, but they don't want to give anyone any ideas.


goodnight perv.

mojo au go go
mojo au go go

No way...   Stay in congress and give clarence thomas the business tony...

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