Anthony Weiner to Resign, Reports New York Times

According to a breaking news alert from the New York Times, disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner is set to resign over his sexting scandal.

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The Times reports that Weiner "came to the conclusion that he could no longer serve after having long discussions with his wife, Huma Abedin," who had returned on Tuesday night after traveling on a global diplomacy mission with Hillary Clinton. (Abedin is reportedly pregnant.)

Nancy Pelosi and President Obama, among others, had both urged Weiner to step down, with Pelosi telling reporters she would "strip Mr. Weiner of his committee assignments if he did not leave."

House ethics committee investigations over Weiner's conduct are likely to end with his decision to resign, since he would no longer be a member of Congress.

CBS is reporting that Weiner will announce his resignation at an afternoon press conference in the NYC area.

This Weiner support group will be disappointed.

Weiner Tells Friends He Will Resign [NYT]

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Jews living in 15th century Spain were forgiven for their misdemeanors and breaches of sexual morality by converting to Christianity. Those that refused were tortured by the grand inquisitor until they confessed and then were given the chance to convert to Christianity-most did. Things remain the same for Weiner, he confessed for his sins but left out the most important part, he must now accept the Lord Jesus as his savior and all his sins will be washed away.


Oh how convenient, one can be an asshole/nightmare/rapist/pedophile etc. and all they have to do is convert to Christianity, convess and then all of their horrid sins will be washed away?  Wow, do you really believe that?


It took a few days, but someone in the Democrat party like came up with a behind-the-scenes paid job/position for Weiner in return for his resignation. That's my guess, at least.

Jay in Philadelphia
Jay in Philadelphia

It's hard to imagine how anyone would take him seriously after all this, anyway.

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