Anthony Weiner Penis Photo Exposed Via Andrew Breitbart's iPhone [NSFW]

Okay, well, here it goes. What's below is Not Safe For Work, obviously, though your boss is probably looking, too.

Sirius XM morning show hosts Opie and Anthony had Big Government honcho and Weinergate ring-leader Andrew Breitbart on this morning. Breitbart said previously he wouldn't release the X-rated Weiner photo from the pile of similar "lewd" pics he has "to save [Weiner's] family," but he kept it on his iPhone just in case. "If this guy wants to fight with me again, I have this photo," Breitbart reminded everyone.

And so when Breitbart showed it off today, Opie and Anthony took a picture of the picture and wait, what's that? Twitter, of course.

Update, 1:46 p.m.: For what it's worth, the photo could very well be a fake because Opie and Anthony are shock jocks, paid to get attention, and have done this sort of thing before on a large scale. Note, for example, that Breitbart seems to have been carrying a BlackBerry at the taping, as reported by Salon, not an iPhone. (Sometimes busy people, especially those who run conservative internet empires, have more than one cell phone.) Call it Weinergate Fatigue Syndrome, but it's hard to care very much either way at this point.

Update: Breitbart confirms it's legit and he's "pissed."

[ / @joecoscarelli]

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