Anthony Weiner Wants to Help Choose His Successor

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When he's not shopping or practicing being a husband, Anthony Weiner is making calls about his old job as a Democratic congressman in New York City's 9th district, which he left after lying about his affinity for dirty messages. The New York Post reports that Weiner has been in touch with Queens party chairman Rep. Joe Crowley about who should fill the slot, and despite the tabloid dubbing it a "dazzling display of arrogance," an "insider" admits, "He knows the district better than anyone else. He's interested in a Democrat keeping the seat. I'm pretty sure he's spoken to everybody." Another anonymous source called it a "natural thing for him to do" because it's "something he cares about."

A special election is reportedly planned for September 13, but local leaders will choose the candidates in lieu of a primary. Chatter thus far includes Democratic Councilpeople past and present like Elizabeth Crowley, Eric Gioia, Mark Weprin and Melinda Katz, along with Assemblymen David Weprin and Rory Lancman. Republican names the Post floats include Councilman Eric Ulrich and Bob Turner, who Weiner trounced in 2010.

If a Republican were to win, it would be "awful, awful, awful" in Weiner's mind, a source says, stating the obvious. The seat is at risk to disappear next year in the redrawing of district lines.

But in a nice example of American opportunism, Bob Turner wrote "Why I ran against Anthony Weiner for Congress" earlier this month for the National Review (syndicated by CBS), and included the first line, "I didn't run for Congress because of sex scandals." So that's good to know.


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Nothing about his story changes this fact: Republicans are unAmerican pieces of S |-| I T


Weiner political career has gone limp. He tweeted his meat, lost his Seat. Why would the por-n-star Ginger Lee get offended by someone sending her photos of their package? All this publicity should be great for his future career in the por-n-industry. With a name like his (W) it's a natural fit! I bet you could put Weiner's "package" in a thimble and have room left over.

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