Southern Brooklyn Left Out of Wi-Fi Plans

via NYC Department of Parks & Recreation
Not in southern Brooklyn.
Life in southern Brooklyn is rural.

Last week we brought you the news that Wi-Fi is coming to 20 parks around the city this summer. But an article in The Brooklyn Paper today points out that none of those locations are south of Brooklyn's 15th Street.

The city plans to install Wi-Fi hotspots in five parks in the borough -- Brooklyn Bridge Park, Fort Greene Park, Herbert Von King Park, McCarren Park and Prospect Park. That leaves the folks in places like Owl's Head Park and Sunset Park with no connection.

According to the article, the "webless" are accusing the city of only putting the service only in the borough's wealthier neighborhoods.

But this is not simply a matter of a little bit of Wi-Fi:

"We're digitally behind -- there's already little bandwidth here and the phone service is terrible," said Renee Giordano, executive director of the Sunset Park BID. "We need to bring free Wi-Fi to the commercial strip and Sunset Park, and bring the community up to par with other neighborhoods."

Someone get these people a signal.

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KeyWifi will help communities in southern brooklyn solve this problem for themselves.


this snippet of info leaves out what Ms. Giordano said in her next sentence...she poined out that her organization was going to foot the bill for the 24 acre park and a mile and a half of the shopping strip.  She was just asking for permission from the city to use lampposts for the tiny antennas (repeaters).  this was bad reporting from the Brooklyn Paper where the original quote was picked up.

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