Carl Lastorino, Luchese Mob Son, Shot to Death by NYPD After Failed Murder Attempt

Carl Lastorino, the "bumbling" son of the Luchese family's Frank Lastorino Sr., pulled a real A.J. Soprano earlier this week when he left two suicide notes, one including the line, "I can no longer live as a failure," and then went and failed anyway before being killed by the NYPD.

Lastorino went to an East New York tire shop on a mission to kill the also mob-affiliated man Peter Argentina, and their whole encounter is captured in the above security footage. Lastorino asked the man if he was "Pete," to which Argentina said yes. Lastorino then started shooting from a few feet away but only hit Argentina in the hand and shoulder, and missed a few more times as the would-be victim ran away.

A few minutes later, as he hopped in a black cab, Lastorino was pursued by police and jumped out to confront them, yelling, "You're not going to take me alive! You are going to have to shoot me!" They did, and he died.

Sources blame "deep depression," not the mob, for the bloodshed.


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I wonder when the movie is coming out? I have some details to add, since this sick man was involved in my daughter's life as a stalker during the time he went missing.

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