Connecticut Woman Bites Off Attacker's Tongue

cat sticking out tongue .jpg
A Stamford, Connecticut woman fought off a would-be sexual assailant Thursday night by biting his fucking tongue off. No pepper spray, no Mace, no stabbing with car keys: just nerves of steel and the ability to bite clean through someone's tongue. The woman was attacked around 10 p.m. in an alley near a Catholic church in town, and bit off "a substantial piece" of the man's tongue (about one inch). The perp, 46-year-old Gerard Michael Landon, sought treatment at a clinic and was apprehended by police. He was treated at Stamford Hospital and is being held on a $500,000 bond. Perhaps, though, the worst punishment is losing half of your tongue.

[NECN, NBC Connecticut]


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The punishment suits the crime and was virtually contemporaneous with it. Justice doesn't get any better.


Are we supposed to feel bad for him? You write this as though she overreacted to being raped.


I did not get that from this paragraph at all.

And ... good for her.

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