Great White Shark Spotted on Jersey Shore

This summer is shaping up to be a bit sharky. A 12-foot great white was seen on Sunday off of Island Beach State Park in Berkeley Township, New Jersey. A boater saw the shark about 200 feet off shore, reports NBC NY. Erp. Fortunately, such sightings don't, apparently, happen often. Yet. Last week we had sharks in the Hamptons, if you'll recall... by the way, beaches are open! [NBC NY via Berkley-NJ Patch]

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one person said it now if there were body parts all over then i can see the news....but one peron plz it wasnt like a boat of 3 or more men said it saw it wheres the proof hello there was no shark proof,means nothing when one person said it or he said he saw a shark/////// body parts missing people swiming at nite naaaaa no proof he the shark was even there

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