Hacker Group Anonymous Steals More Than 10,000 Emails From Government of Iran

Here a file for download containing more than 10,000 emails lifted from the government of Iran by the hacker group Anonymous. They also took down the website for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, grabbing control of the servers in the process. "It's near the election's anniversary. We had to do something," one of the hackers, an Iranian, told The Next Web.

Anonymous proved their control over the Iranian websites by sending emails to media from the conquered servers. The group reportedly has a large-scale online attack planned for the actual anniversary targeting the Iranian government.

Here's a graphic circulating addressed to "the noble people of Iran." It reads, "They can't kill your freedom. Know that we support you. Know that you are not alone."

[jcoscarelli@villagevoice.com / @joecoscarelli]

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Extint Specie
Extint Specie

The most malicious propaganda by the western vested interest and the innate within iran. Shamebe to those who live in iran or fled with iranian looted money and now conspire with iran's innimical forces.


Shame be on you that defends an fascist regime that kills it's own people. Shame be on you that you speak about western propaganda when human rights are abused. Our country is held for hostage for over 32 years now. How is this possible? How could this happen? If the western countries like the US and England wouldn't have supported this inhuman conditions in our country, this clerico-fascist regime that is the source of suffer, pain and destruction, the iranian people would have been able to live in their own country like human beings. The US and Britain put their economic interests over human rights and the sovereignty of our country. Today the islamic republic is their right hand in iran, business contracts are made with figures they officially call enemies, figures that they brought to power because of their cold war with the sowjet union. The islamic republic has bank accounts over many billions of euro in canada, england, switzerland [the list is long]. All of the money is blood money, money that was stolen from the iranian people. And you say that this is western propaganda? Is it western propaganda that they are making a sell-out of all iranian interests, is it western propaganda that the western countries are making big profits with the current situation in iran, is it western propaganda that they are still selling weapons to the so called islamic regime? O, how blind is someone that is calling all this western propaganda? What dirty interests might someone like that have? Stop spreading your lies and red herring from your financier. Go ahead and learn a little bit about history and world economics. You say: Shame on the people of iran? Shame be on you that is playing the advocate of such a regime. I am iranian and I give a damn about western propaganda. Please stop your propaganda as well, because it seems that your propaganda is what you call western propaganda. Leave my people alone with this crap. 

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