Rightbloggers Ejaculate Over the Women of Weinergate

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tomt200.jpgHere is what everyone knows about Weinergate: A picture of bulging underwear, which Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner won't deny is his, exists, and a link to it appeared in his Twitter stream.

Weiner says he didn't send it out himself, but was "hacked" or "pranked," depending, and he has been strenuous, indeed strained, in his defense of this proposition.

A normal person may be forgiven for disbelieving Weiner, and for assuming that he is embarrassed about doing something embarrassing with the embarrassing photo.

Clinton-Lewinsky it's not. Unless you're a rightblogger. Then, it's a Tripp down memory lane, with a liberal Lothario, undercover investigators, and girls, girls, girls.

Take the alleged intended recipient of the image, Gennette Cordova. So far there's no evidence Weiner had sex with her, even of the "finish in the sink" variety. But for several days she kept rightbloggers in a near-constant state of arousal.

When it was revealed that Cordova attended college, a revival commenced of the old-fashioned word "coed" -- alternately, "sexy coed," "hot coed," "Co-Ed Tweetie," "busty Seattle coed," etc.

Ace of Spades took to calling Cordova "The Comely Coed" (no "Portly Pepperpot" but it'll have to do) who "confirms Congressman Half-a-Boner did in fact follow her." He also pointed out that Cordova's boyfriend was "a white guy, just to note who she's attracted to."

In the New York Daily News Cordova denied that she ever got the underwear pic, claimed harassment by anti-Weiner types online, and said that there had never been "any inappropriate exchanges between Anthony Weiner and myself."

Quick, check her skirt for DNA!
velvethammer of Ironic Surrealism, who had previously referred to Cordova as a "Femme Fatale," didn't like Cordova's statement. "Whatever," he sniffed. "So you say. Play with fire... much? Shoot the messenger much? Heck, hit the talk show circuit, cut a book deal. May as well make the most out of your distress. /snark"

When it was discovered that porn star Ginger Lee was in Weiner's Twitter community, rightbloggers rose to the occasion. Andrew Breitbart's Big Journalism created a Ginger Lee tag, and its correspondent RB a-ha'd that while Weiner claimed he'd only sent Lee a "pro-forma" Twitter message, Lee tweeted that Weiner had "thanked me for my shout-outs and said he likes my blog." "That really sounded a lot more personal than a bland thank you tweet," said RB. "Was the Congressman being truthful? Was Ginger Lee embellishing the details?" Questions Remain!

"She is a fan of Weiner," italicized Robert Stacy McCain, "and raved that getting this private communication from the Democratic congressman was 'like a DM from Buddha.' This is what I believe lawyers would call 'pattern evidence'..."

In the New York Post, Cordova said, "I just want this to be over," and suggested that maybe Weiner's tweet had been meant for Ginger Lee in the first place. Rightbloggers seized on this, though we wouldn't say gratefully.

"Weiner's Tweet-Heart Says Lewd Penis Pic Was Meant for His Porn Star Friend," responded Jim Hoft, adding, "It looks like Gennette needs to spend more time studying and less time online."

"The co-ed has a pretty good theory," said I Hate the Media, though they still referred to Cordova as "Weiner's college sweetie."

"Genette's 15 minutes of fame is apparently a little more than she bargained for!" said Proof Positive.

   Pornstar bonus!
Ann Althouse didn't know what Cordova was complaining about. "Is anyone interested in this person?" she asked. "...I am not hearing anyone saying anything negative about her."

After one of her commenters noted that other readers had been making cracks about Cordova in her own comments section, Althouse responded, "What you are doing is transparent. You are trying to protect Weiner by saying if we talk about Weiner, we are necessarily dragging this woman through everything. Sorry, I won't give Weiner that cover. It would be like saying leave DSK alone to protect the maid he allegedly raped."

Some rightbloggers felt it noteworthy that other Weiner correspondents were attractive young women. "Gennette Was Not Alone... Weiner's Twitter Friends Include Pages of Young Luscious Fans," wrote Jim Hoft. "Gennette was not the only young attractive woman who made it on Rep. Weiner's select list," said The Last Tradition. "On Twitter, Gennette Nicole Was One of Many," wrote Donald Douglas.

Liberal Media Bias went above and beyond with their photo gallery: "A young brown-haired girl is seen walking with Rep. Weiner in this video. Who is she? An aide?... A young brown-haired girl stands near Weiner at a speech in this video... all young pretty ladies who Weiner might have had connections with." What the hell, it was worth a shot.

Weiner, by the way, is married to Huma Abedin, an aide to former celebrity-scandal wife Hillary Clinton. A few rightbloggers, like Donald Douglas, affected to "feel bad" for Abedin. Others took a different tack:

"Weiner's Woman: Is His Wife A Saudi Agent?" asked Right, Wing-Nut.

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