I.M.F. Victim of 'Large and Sophisticated' Hacking Attack

​The International Monetary Fund, once headed by new Tribeca resident and alleged sex offender Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has been hit by a cyber attack that an official called a "very major breach." Anonymous, is this you? The attack occurred over the last few months, but as of yet it's unclear as to what kind of information the hackers were able to get to. The I.M.F. has information in its databases that is "potentially market-moving," and communications with leaders that could be "political dynamite in many countries." At the beginning of the month, a spokesman for the fund said that they were aware of a possible threat from "hacktivist" collective Anonymous and were taking preventative measures.

For further reading, here's Anonymous' statement of purpose on the attack.


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Oy vey! The International Murder Fund has come under attack! Now the gangsters that run the doomed financial system will have to close ranks to make sure no new crooks get the better of them.

Weldon Berger
Weldon Berger

Kids these days. More power to them if it was Anonymous, but the hack appears not to have been one of the highly visible blunt force attacks in which Anonymous specialize, and they haven't taken credit for it. It seems more like a Lulz Security sort of thing. Whoever, I hope they got the goods and have the ambition necessary to screw the Inimical Mother Fuckers (IMF--Ha! Get it?) to the wall. 

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