Janice Hahn, Future Congresswoman, Targeted by Inane 'Give Us Your Cash, Bitch' Political Ad

Our partners at the LA Weekly introduced us to the above political ad, which serves as a nice counterpoint to our own local nuttiness lately. While on the East Coast we've had Weinergate, which of course eventually went national, and more seriously, the fight for gay marriage, the West Coast has... well, what do they have? Racism, misogyny and low productions values, it seems.

California councilwoman Janice Hahn is the frontrunner in the July 12 runoff election for the vacated seat of Jane Harman, with only Tea Party candidate Craig Huey in her way.

But his supporters aren't going down without a fight, so they crafted the above mess of sloppy, offensive signifiers to insinuate that Hahn has too many connections with local gangs.

"Give us your cash, bitch, so we can shoot up the street," sing "Hahn's Homeboyz" in 2 Live Crew style, the work of Florida rappers Splack Pack.

Ladd Ehlinger is the ad wizard behind this spectacle. He told the Weekly that his group was attempting "to see how much controversy we can stir up."

Huey, who the clip ostensibly helps, said through his campaign manager that the ad is "highly offensive."

"He's absolutely right," Ehlinger said. "It is offensive and it has absolutely nothing to do with him." In that case, enjoy!

[LA Weekly]

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Charles Nichols
Charles Nichols

The Huey Campaign had no idea the video was being made. Once they discovered it they immediately condemned it.

Here is Craig Huey's latest campaign video -> http://youtu.be/Y37ioorrOAY

Now compare the video in this article to Janice Hahn's campaign video -> http://youtu.be/wyoZJUKL3wA

Janice Hahn is the only candidate in this election wallowing in the mud and her giving taxpayer dollars to gang members is old news as you can see in this Fox News video -> http://youtu.be/ucDRbVOyxeM


Another weak-ass window into how Republicans view black people and hip-hop culture.  Fits right into their know-nothing freakout over Common.  Lame, lame, lame, lame, lame.

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