Kenneth Moreno, Not Guilty NYPD Officer, Harassed Again in Poster Campaign

via Gothamist
The "NYPD Rapists" posters that followed the "not guilty" verdict in the rape trial of officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata, paired with a pretty lively protest, demonstrated that at least some locals were stung by the verdict and willing to act out. But a new poster campaign in Park Slope takes things a little too far, not only identifying Moreno again as a "rapist," but also publicizing the street he lives on.

Moreno's wife made the cover of the New York Post -- as did a totally unacceptable pixelated picture of the accuser -- over the weekend when she said the accuser could "go to hell," so there's an argument to be made that the public fight over the verdict has already been brought down into the mud. The Morenos though, have the court on their side.

Gothamist reports that the posters were "on every surface tape sticks to," but were "very cleanly removed by 12:20 p.m." this afternoon. Jezebel, meanwhile, has other variations of the poster, including one that reads, "POLICE RAPIST KENNETH MORENO IS YOUR NEIGHBOR."

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Moreno's wife should have more of an issue with the fact that her husband either a) raped an intoxicated woman or b) fondled a woman who was drunk.  Plus the fact that he was secretly taped admitting that he used a condom -- wait, he was framed and it was all a conspiracy.

 His address is public information; maybe he should have thought of all the repercussions to his family before before his interaction with his accuser.


Conservatives rule by fear, liberals rule by hate.


That original New York Post article where the wife said "go to hell" listed their street anyway (though it called it Greenwood Heights, not Park Slope.)

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