NYC District Attorney Busts 25 in Child Porn Ring

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Twenty-five people were charged this afternoon with "possessing images or videos showing the sexual abuse of children," the New York Times reports, as announced by Manhattan district attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. The felony charges include promoting a sexual performance by a child and possessing a sexual performance by a child, for having "stockpiled images of the brutal rapes and sexual assaults of tens of thousands of real children," Vance said, calling the images "carefully labeled, sorted and shared." Among the accused: Glen Barfield, 39, an architect (also accused of showing child porn to a 16-year-old) and Josh Ruiz, 32, a substitute teacher. Vance added, "These victims were forced into physically and psychologically damaging sexual assaults that were recorded and disseminated online, feeding the appetites of pedophiles for more victims." [NYT]

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Dereck Dodson

Huffington Post "Permanently Deleted" all my Email Addresses for "Commenting" about this same type of Story! They actually let homosexuals claim that persons like myself are "Wrong" for speaking out about the same type of people who've been doing this "psycho crap". Can I get a Witness? If you are a rational and conscious Human being like myself contact the Huffington Post and let them know that if they are only going to attempt to gain readers with these stories and "Aid and Ebed" these type of people who have yet to be uncovered by "Censoring" "We the People" and our Families in these Predators sights, than we will force AOL to thrust them back into "Bankruptcy" and a "Shutdown"!

What makes this even worse I am actually the Person who "Formulated" and "Financed" the AOL Takeover of Huffington Post after they "Failed Miserably" and they "Censor" me for Pedohiles and their Conspirators!

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