Oxford English Dictionary Now Comes With 'ZOMG,' 'NSFW,' 'Nekkid'

Yet again the Oxford English Dictionary (Online) proves how totally radical it is, incorporating a bunch of new words that the cool kids have been saying long enough to have stopped saying. The 35 new words added this week include
"baby bump," "bestie," "bucket list," "coconut water," "lappy" (your laptop), "lifehack," "man cave," "meep," "nekkid," "NSFW,"'roid," "Twittersphere," "unfollow," and "ZOMG." Here's the definition of that last one:


(used especially on electronic message boards as a sarcastic comment on an inexperienced or overenthusiastic poster)

oh my God!:ZOMG! !

I finally managed to reformat the file the airport was hot and big, but there was really nothing that made me stop and think ZOMG FOREIGN COUNTRY!

'ZOMG,' 'Twittersphere,' 'infographic' and more words added to Oxford Dictionary [Syracuse.com]

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