Parents of Some Teens Now Think It's Cool for Them to Have Sex at Home

Jim and Cindy would not approve.
Today in yucko parenting trends reported by Good Morning America: some parents are letting their teenagers have sex at home! This is because the home is a presumably safer environment, where there are condoms, and it's clean, and...parents are around? Plus, kids are going to do it anyway. So, what's really wrong with this? Well, for all the practical reasons a parent might come up with for why it would be better for their teen to have sex at home than, say, out in the woods where they might be slain by an ax murderer and possibly pick up ticks, there's still the cold, hard reality that teens and parents do not and should not want to think about each other having sex. That's just biological.

Plus, this pushes that nosy mom who is all in your business thing a bit too far. One says,

"If they're having it outside the home ... who knows who they're having it with? You know, it's -- there's a bigger chance, I think, of less safe sex, maybe more different partners. You know, not understanding that it is something that is okay if you're doing it with somebody you really care about and you want to do it and, you know, you're not all drunk at a party."

Teens, for their part, thought it would be "strange" and "awkward" to have sex in their house, with their parents there. Teens are so wise. Also, it might make it harder for them to say no to possible partners, which is especially creepy.

Parents. They just don't understand.

Safer Sex? Some Parents Allow Their Teens to Have Sex Inside Family Home [ABC]

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If you really think sex is just biological, you've got a lot more thinking to do.  


I wish my parents were that cool when I was in high school. I grew up in a strict Catholic home where if I brought a girl over just to watch TV she was labeled as a whore.


"Teens are so wise."

No, they're not, they're just awkward and insecure and don't know what to do with all these forces threatening to overwhelm them.

Precisely why sex-at-home is best.

Of course, the only reason the idea is even controversial is because folks are so puritanical in the first place.


The first sex I had was in my parents house with my parents up stairs sleeping. It wasn't like they were in the same room or we told them what we were doing. I'm pretty sure most people have sex for the first time in one of the participants parents houses.


The reason the idea is controversial is it blurs so many parent/child boundaries that it borders on creepy.  It's not that the parents are giving the green light to sex that makes it awkward, it's that your parents (or your girlfriend's parents) have pretty much invited themselves into your sex life.

Teen sexual behavior usually comes at a time when a child is trying to define themselves, when they're trying to establish and identity independent of their parents. Rebellion is a healthy stage of development. That's usually the first step towards independence and taking responsibility for their lives. Being permissive to the point of preventing your kids from rebelling at all just keeps them in perpetual adolescence.

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