Richard Heene's 'Balloon Boy' Saucer Can Be Yours for $1 Million

Here is something that you might want to buy if you have a lot of money just lying around and a deep appreciation for things pop culture and hoaxy that happened in and around the year 2009. The "flying saucer" that made Richard Heene and his six-year-old son, Falcon, infamous -- remember, the little boy had, allegedly, flown away in the saucer, to the shock and horror of all of America, and we all had our fingers crossed that he'd be okay as we watched the saucer float onward and upward above Colorado, on live TV? Some of us even prayed! But it turned out that it had all been a hoax and the kid had been hiding in the garage the whole time, and that his family had actually put him up to it for a "TV show"? Then we got mad.

Yeah, if you have fond memories of that poignant time, you might want to shell out a cool million for that saucer. There are only six days left to bid! Doesn't sound like anything you're remotely interested in owning or doing? Well, it's for a good cause, ostensibly. Heene and family will donate the proceeds to Japanese tsunami victims, he says. Of course, you have to believe him.

Here's Heene gasbagging about the saucer:

And, speaking of gasbagging...never forget:

May the lucky recipient of the flying saucer enjoy it wholeheartedly.

Dad behind 'balloon boy hoax' offers up flying saucer in online charity auction [CNN]

For a trip down memory lane: BALLOON BOY IN GARAGE THE WHOLE TIME


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Christopher Abdulla Sadoun
Christopher Abdulla Sadoun

The pope talked to the crew of the international space station.

Jesus died for You

You will go to Heaven

Same for ALL

The Sermon Construct


1. Red cover Bible – No handing a person to satan (evil king)

2. Red cover Bible – No handing a person to satan (evil beast)

3. Red cover Bible – No handing a person to satan (evil prostitute)

4. Black cover Bible – No unforgivable sin (so no dragon's attitude)

5. White cover Bible – ALL go to Heaven (Jesus died for ALL)

**4. Sermon**

    A. Jesus said for there to be no miracles is Blasphemy.  Some people in the red said for there to be miracles is blasphemy.  Jesus then said “No no no no n no no no no.” Jesus said he himself is forgiving.  He himself his spirit is doing miracles.  Jesus his spirit is forgiving. Then he Jesus said the devil the bad spirit was telling (them) the people in red that miracles are blasphemy and will not be forgiven.  The bad spirit said this thus putting people into the red by saying that he was the good spirit.   So Jesus Christ kindly spited the devil and did a miracle.  And to the bad spirit the devil it was blasphemy and the people in the red were thrown into an up roar by the devil not by Jesus.  Jesus was banished.  Jesus was crucified.  Jesus was murdered and so his spirit was blasphemed.  Jesus's spirit was blasphemed and then died.  Our Father Jesus died.  Then rose from the dead to prove that his spirit will forgive blasphemy.


        Jesus died for ALL

1. “Earthly jerusalem babel is not my mother”

2. There is no 'Unforgivable sin'

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        ALL go to Heaven

        Even while Jesus was dead

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(Where ever there is a person who is shy rest assured there is a prostitute near by and a Beast who is attempting to murder the shy person like a King in cold Blood.  Such that that becomes a rampant verse the makes me shy at every turn. A satanic verse.  So like in Tom and Jerry  the mouse who came back from the city megaphoned Yawn Resurrection and Yawn Redress.  

A beast was promoting a girl to a guy but would always take her back secretly away from the guy.  They guy became more and more shy because of that.  Because at every turn it was being said that his wife was being stolen.  And he did not know what to do.  Till the point that every thing was being stolen.  And he could not do anything because he was already so shy about his wife being stolen.  He was allready shy about his wife so he became shy about his possessions.  Then the beast became cold blooded and then killed the shy person towering over him like a evil king.  And that is Hideous.  

That is the hideousness talked about in C.S. Lewis's space trilogy book called That Hideous Strength.  Which he calls a description of babylon.  A person's sermon can become no stronger than the shy person's sermon.  A cloud would be forming above the shy persons head and never leave.  It could look like an upside down tornado.  With bolts of miracle working.  A glory cloud.  I Christopher Abdulla Sadoun walk with No Wizzard.  I Christopher Abdulla Sadoun walk with no King.  I walk with a kind and gentle Mr. Olilofdon.  I Christopher Abdulla Sadoun walk with Jesus Christ.  Oh ... Laugh... Shine...  Jesus died for You  You will go to Heaven   Same for ALL.

"I have called this a fairy-tale in the hope that no one who dislikes fantasy may be misled by the first two chapters into reading further, and then complain of his disappointment.   ...............  I believe one of the central ideas of this tale came into my head from conversations I had with a scientific colleague, some time before I met a rather similar suggestion in the works of Mr. Olaf Stapeldon.  If I am mistaken in this, Mr. Stapeldon is so rich in invention that he can well afford to lend, and I admire his invention (though not his philosophy) so much that I should feel no shame to borrow." (C.S. Lewis Preface of That Hideous Strength)  And so Galilee is Palestine.  No shame to borrow in Galilee the ripe and fertile land.  

So Covenant Speak!!!!!) 

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    Yawn resurrection.  (The devil the snake the literal ancient serpent the dragon can not be redressed.  So the dead must rise!)

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So Jesus will kindly spite the devil and resurrect Derek Pagels from the dead.

So Jesus will kindly spite the devil and make the flying saucers.  

Same for ALL

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