Weinergaterdämmerung: Rightbloggers Shoot Their Load on Weiner, Wife, Women, and New Yorkers

tomt200.jpgWe see Anthony Weiner's penis, in this "if it seeds, it leads" media era, remains big news. The New York Representative's lewd but (so far as has been revealed) legal tweets have many pols calling for his resignation, and rightbloggers enjoying scandalicious multiple orgasms.

The ever-developing story you can get anywhere. So let's see who rightbloggers are hating on besides the Congressman. Outraged as they are about Weiner, they seem equally mad at whoever fails to display or feed similar outrage -- including Weiner's Twitter correspondents, his wife, and the voters in his district.

Last week Weiner admitted that one of his Twitter correspondents was 17 years old, but said that their conversations hadn't been inappropriate. This briefly jacked up the collective rightblogger heartrate ("Breaking: Police Visit Home of Weiner's Teen Tweet-Heart"), but police in the teen's jurisdiction investigated and seem to have found no reason to take action.

Such tireless Weiner teen text sleuths as Patterico were left with tenuous linkages which the police apparently don't see the same way they did.

"Then again, the use of the word 'Weiner,' when Ethel clearly said she loved Rep. Weiner, does not necessarily sound entirely like an accident," Patterico reported. ("Ethel" is Patterico's cute nickname for the 17-year-old, building off Tommy Christopher's aliases for other young Weiner correspondents, "Betty" and "Veronica.")

"And," Patterico added, "there is no evidence that she ever told Rep. Weiner it was not a reference to him. And it's his state of mind that matters, not hers." Patterico also repeated some sexy lines Weiner used on adult women to prove... we're not sure what; maybe that Weiner is capable of anything (we mean anything).

Unindicted co-conspirators
Patterico's blog wasn't done chasing down Weiner's Twitter correspondents, though; special correspondent Aaron Worthing had an online conversation with Gennette Cordova, the previous Person of Interest in this case, who defended herself with aplomb. (Worthing kept up pretty well, even assuming that he used both hands for typing.)

Seeming displeased with Cordova's answers, though, Patterico himself jumped in at the end: "'I have a live in boyfriend of three years,' says Ms. Cordova. Yeah, what could she possibly have to gain by denying flirting with Weiner?" Later: "Gennette has appeared in comments and seized on a random comment from a random commenter as an excuse not to answer my questions. Now there's a shocker!" Obviously some people just aren't worth talking to.

"Reading everything she said," reacted Robert Stacy McCain, "taking it all at face value, it is impossible to escape the conclusion: Gennette Cordova is a liberal Democrat and her chief regret of her role in this entire episode is its negative political impact for Democrats, Weiner included." McCain was also suspicious of the 17-year-old: "I doubt the cops there got subpoenas for her Twitter records... Absent a thorough law-enforcement investigation, we have only a partial record of the evidence, and are left to wonder about everything else." Look on the bright side, guy -- your wonderment may ultimately be more satisfying to you than the truth.

Ace of Spades followed up by asking his followers to show some decency and "please don't harass [Cordova] when she's actually answering questions with an interviewer." He also referred to Cordova, for the hundredth time, as "The Comely Coed." Maybe these guys have three hands.

Weiner has, in addition to sext partners, a wife, and while prominent Republicans were pretending to feel sorry for her, rightbloggers mainly noticed that she had not denounced her husband, and was therefore fair game.

"Will Weinergate Blow 'President' Hillary's Lesbian 'Cover?'" asked Uncoverage. If you follow the link, you will need some patience and perhaps a gas mask; it includes, along with the usual salacious rumors, lines like "Huma Abedin's expensive tastes and lifestyle have been questioned considering her plebeian salary from Hillary," and ends with "Weinergate may end up being the prelude to President Hillary Clinton," for some reason.

The Mad Jewess agreed that Abedin must be gay. "This is why Anthony's pecker was all over the net," she deduced. "...A straight man can't get too much love from a Lesbian, now, can he?" Suddenly it all makes sense! If only Mark Sanford had thought to subpoena his wife's phone records.

Angry White Dude went so far as to imagine Weiner's interior monologue: "It used to bother me a lot about Huma and Hillary being lovers...but then I thought about Huma and Hillary in front of the fire...drinking a glass of wine...with some Kenny G on the stereo...mmmmmm..Hillary holding Huma in her strong, muscular arms and kissing her neck, whispering in her ears....licking her face all over....mmmm man, that gets me so hot!" Actually, maybe that wasn't Weiner's interior monologue.

Meanwhile Government is Not God asked the question of the hour: "Did Congressman Anthony Weiner, who is from a Jewish background, actually convert to Islam when he married his Muslim wife Huma Abedin?"

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