Teen Beats Up Bus Driver Who Won't Let Her Bring Her Dog on Board

Marlene Bien-Aime, a city bus driver, was beaten up by a 17-year-old girl who tried to board her bus in the Bronx on Tuesday but was stopped because she had a dog with her, in her jacket, reports the Daily News. When Bien-Aime pointed out that the girl, Steangeli Medina, had to have her dog in a crate, Medina apparently punched Bien-Aime in the face, dragged her off the bus by her hair, and kicked and punched her repeatedly about the body. Medina has been charged with assault, menacing, and harassment, while Bien-Aime was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital for treatment of a black eye and facial cuts. Where is the dog in all of this? God only knows. [NYDN]

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The sad thing is the 17 yrs old will get away with it NYCTA does't back up there drivers neither does our union  


Where are the Scientology Goons when you need them?? Sic 'em on that twit of a dog owner.

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