This Week In the Voice: Real Men Get Their Facts Straight

This week in the Village Voice, out today: Martin Cizmar, Ellis Conklin, and Kristen Hinman explore the origins of a statistic about underaged sex-trafficking, slam Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's new ad campaign, and shine a light on the celebrity philanthropy industry in their feature "Real Men Get Their Facts Straight."

Elsewhere in the Voice, Michael Musto speaks with the stars of the upcoming reality show Happily Divorced.

Robert Sietsema loves a new Tibetan cafe in Jackson Heights

Dan Kois tells Michael Bay, the "blowhard douche" behind the Transformers films, that it's "too soon" for 9/11 jokes.

Rich Juzwiack loves Beyonce's Odes to Joy.

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Martin, Ellis and Kristen need to disappear. What a waste of space


Just read the Dan Kois article.  Where did you get any reference to 9/11 jokes?  I also love the way you use quotation marks around words that didn't appear in the article.  Way to go, Village Voice. 

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