Today's New York Post Cover Barely Mentions Gay Marriage

new york post gay marriage .jpg


And compare this with the Daily News today:

NYDN gay marriage .jpg

We're not in the business of policing other publications' editorial decisions. But it does seem odd for a New York daily to all-but-ignore a really Big Deal local story like the passing of gay marriage, especially when all the other local papers have it on the front page.

On the other hand, maybe they closed too late, or the headline writers were so spent from Weinergate that they simply couldn't come through in the clutch?

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Queens Crapper
Queens Crapper

I find the story about a suicide jumper being saved by the heroics of a police officer much more attention grabbing than gay marriage passing which the Post probably figured would be on the cover of every other paper.  Furthermore, I find it ironic that a publication that prides itself on being other than mainstream would criticize another publication for choosing not to go with an expected cover.

Charles C.
Charles C.

Looking at it from a printing standpoint, they probably were going to run that cover before the news of the vote being last night. So the best effort was to include a sidebar as opposed to redo and reprint a whole batch run.

Jessica Hatch
Jessica Hatch

Also, from an amateur semiotics perspective, putting it on a sub-bar below a negative news story like an attempted suicide, with the giant all-caps headline "DON'T DO IT!" could be perceived as a negative subliminal message toward gay marriage. 

Damn it, Post! Just be happy your citizens are happy!

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