Baby Falcon Gets a Checkup

The MTA has released a pretty darn cute video starring the peregrine falcon chicks on the Throgs Neck Bridge. Be prepared to hear incessant chirping. More after the jump!

The alternately adorable and frightening little guys are named Bayside, Edgewater, and Locust, and bear a striking resemblance to Sam the Eagle. In the video, Chris Nadareski of the Department of Environmental Protection explains the process of placing bands around the falcons' legs with Bayside in his lap as his example.

Nadareski then gives Bayside a checkup. The baby falcon has feather lice, which he handily kills with a spray. After checking Bayside's mouth, eyes, and ears, he declares: "Our first young male falcon gets a clean bill of health."

The video then shows Nadareski doing his work on the other two Throgs Neck falcons as ambient music plays. Seven other peregrine falcons hatched on MTA bridges this year, according to the video.


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