Williamsburg Hipsters Robbed of Prestigious 11211 Zip Code

A letter from the U.S. Postal Service informed Williamsburg residents -- hipsters and real people alike -- that the zip code designating the Bedford Avenue gentrification haven will switch from 11211 to "the sadly less palindromic 11249," as one resident put it to Gothamist. The reasoning actually supports what we've been witnessing for years: The young people boom doesn't seem to be ending, and thus, "the existing zip code table could not handle all the new deliveries so we had to add an additional zip to accommodate all the new construction, population," a USPS rep explained. Amazon, Etsy, and Netflix deliveries could get screwy in the switch-up, but what young person writes letters anyway? Email appears to be unaffected. [Gothamist]

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People who write letters are more likely to still use the word "hipster."

Ian Balls
Ian Balls

Oh fucking A! Which part of Williamsburg? All of it! I fear and hate change. And I will admit I liked saying that zip code. Sigh,,,

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