L Train Segregates Williamsburg From Rest of Civilization This Weekend

Alert! The L train is screwing everyone yet again this weekend. The entire line from Eighth Avenue to Broadway junction will be doing absolutely nothing as far as going anywhere and will instead be sitting on its ass and pointing and laughing at you. Rage on, Williamsburg-trapped humans! Or...hop onto a free shuttle bus!

Adding insult to injury, we hear that two weekends after that, service from Eighth Avenue to 14th Street will be shut down. Plan ahead. Thanks for this pro-tip from Runnin' Scared alum Mr. Foster Kamer.

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Fu*k the hipsters and fu*k Fek. Brooklyn has gone downhill, and its character has been eliminated by the arrival of the hipsters. Village Voice has gone downhill, and its character and journalistic integrity hav been eliminated ever since the arrival and departure of feckin' Fek. Cost Village Voice $1 million in advertising. Village Voice stuck by Fek, yet Fek squirmed his way out the moment he saw a hole. So fu*k Fek. Good fekin' riddance to that fecker.

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