You Could Help Bring the Marilyn Monroe Dress Back to NYC

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As we've reported previously, the white halter dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch -- you know, the one in that iconic subway grate scene -- will soon be up for sale by an L.A. auction house. The dress, currently owned by Debbie Reynolds, is worth an estimated $1 to $2 million, and a New York-based tech company, inQuicity, has set up a website called, where donors can contribute to help buy the dress and "bring it home" to New York City.

Darlene Newman, co-founder of inQuicity, said in a statement about the dress, "It's also a prolific piece of New York City's vivid history and culture, and deserves to find a permanent home here." Any donors would be credited in an exhibition of the dress, which would find a place in a city museum after being taken on a national tour.

The iconic scene from the movie, directed by Billy Wilder, was originally filmed over a subway grate at Lexington Avenue near 52nd Street, but had to be re-shot on a soundstage because crowds went crazy -- we can only imagine -- during the shot.

Effort to return Marilyn Monroe's fluttering white dress to NYC [Reuters]

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In a strange way, you have to get inQuicity credit for understanding exactly the kind of filler journalists need to pad out their quotas and how to translate that filler into free publicity.

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