1 in 10 Pets Have a Social Media Presence; 1 in 10 Pet Owners Are Nuts

a "life-blogging device for cats"
How many dogs are you friends with on Facebook? How many cats do you follow on Twitter? How many adorable animal videos do you watch regularly (don't answer that)? There are many to choose from, since, it turns out, one in ten of all UK pets have their very own Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube accounts. Jesus, people, we really need to get hobbies or something. Other than pretending to Tweet for our cats. Or purchasing an actual device that will let our cats Tweet for themselves. (I know. We're excited, too.)

The details behind the study revealing this important information about contemporary human and/or animal life are a bit hazy, but suffice it to say, if your pet does not have a Facebook page he or she is probably never going to get into an Ivy League school, much less become Internet famous. Here's the latest Maru video with which to console yourself.

One in ten pets is on Facebook [Telegraph]

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Hey friends, Hey Princess, please help spread the word! This is a campaign using cat comedy to raise awareness on animal cruelty, all videos linked from this first one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

Kim Davis
Kim Davis

I would hate to delete my only animal friend, Fred the Cat, no wait, I only 'like' him LMAO

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