Anders Behring Breivik's Possible Jail Cell Resembles Ikea Showroom

Halden Prison 1 Reuters.JPG
Anders Behring Breivik, who is the world's most recent despicable murderer (in case you've been on vacation, he massacred 90-some people last week in two separate instances), may, upon conviction, be spending the next 21 years (the maximum sentence in Norway) in a relatively tranquil spa-like abode, with lots of perks. That is, Halden Prison, which features rock-climbing walls, personal trainers, private bathrooms, and flat-screen TVs (but no HBO). This is because things are civilized in Norway, even in Norway jails, and "depriving a person of their freedom for a period of time is sufficient punishment in itself without any need whatsoever for harsh prison conditions," a Norwegian prison official told The Daily Mail. Perhaps they have a point, but here in America, we want to see this guy suffer, not enjoy digesting the delectable contents of his mini-fridge, jogging on the nearby trails, jamming with the prison rock band, and skimming through his latest beach read in the comfort of a POÄNG Chair. (Full disclaimer: We don't know whether the prison has Ikea furniture. In fact, it's probably nicer.) More photos here, via the Atlantic Wire. [NYDN]

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Norway is a small rich country with population of almost 5 millionpeople and oil production of 2.1 mill barrels a day. 

( 153 barrels for each citizen a year)

Compare this to the USA : 312 mill people and 5.4 mill barrels ofoil daily. 

( 6.3 barrels per citizen a year ) 



Norway can AFFORD to treat each citizen with more goodies.

Of course it is also helps that in Norway they do not have big gapbetween have and have-nots like in the US. Everybody is affluent ( if not richby other countries standards)


So, please do not compare apples and oranges. In the USA we have avery large part of population who live below poverty line ( poor nutrition, badeducation, no health insurance) - people who are barely surviving without anyhope for better future and I am not even talking about illegal immigrants...


USA has the highest rate of people in prisons in the world. Andmost of this people are going to commute crimes again....But the bad penitentiarysystem is not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is just life outside theprison. If we continue to have big part of our nation to live below povertyline, we are going to have very high crime rate. 


That, is complete bullshit. Wtf Norway....this is what you get when criminals are treated like decent human beings.

Elijah Mays
Elijah Mays

 I don't really see your point in this, while I'm sure those are valid statistics, the nation's economy doesn't really play into the fact that a man who murdered 90 people in two days gets a prison cell that's better looking than my bedroom, which is ridiculous. I mean, sure, they're crime rate may not be as high as ours, but does that mean that murderers should get off with such a lavish prison cell. Essentially what I'm saying is that this is a little crazy, and Norway's economy is a different issue.

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