Anonymous Hackers, Banned From Google+, Launching Social Network: AnonPlus

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With their popularity (or at least ubiquity) at an all-time high, the hacktivist group Anonymous still can't play nice with others, but it's not their fault -- at least in their own estimation. Google banned the online mischief-makers from the new social network Google+, where they had created a "Your Anon News" page, because "some of the posted content violates...Community Standards." As a result, the hackers have set out to create AnonPlus, "a new social network where there is no fear of censorship, of blackout, nor of holding back," because they're sick of being excluded.

"This is the sad fact of what happens across the internet when you walk to a different beat of the drum," the group writes. AnonPlus, though it doesn't really exist yet, is "for all people, not just anonymous."

Right now it's just a splash page, so it might be a little soon for breath holding, but they promise, "The sheep era is over.  The interwebz are no longer your prison."


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Loki Thegod
Loki Thegod

Considering their history of releasing individuals' personal information I can't imagine a lot of people would be jumping at the chance to give them an opportunity to do it again.  I guess if they promised that everyone who signed up would be under their veil of protection and they would scan through future data dumps to scrub out the information for people who are signed up under their network that might work out.

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