Barry Landau, Presidential Historian, Charged With Stealing Lots of Presidential Artifacts

Barry Landau, the allegedly sticky-fingered collector.
Until today, Barry Landau was probably best known as a media-friendly expert on all of the most trivial aspects of the American presidency. From presidential dogs to presidential food to pictures of himself with presidents, Landau has been all over it. Landau has also made a name for himself as a great collector of presidential knickknacks.

Where does Landau come by all his presidential collectibles?

Ah, well, here's the problem: Today comes news that the New-York-based collector and an accomplice, Jason Savedoff, are under arrest for smuggling some 60 rare historical documents out of the Maryland Historical Society.

As recently as July 4, Landau was interviewed by CNN bragging about his enormous collection of presidential artifacts and his belief that Americans don't pay enough respect to the flag.

Now Landau and Savedoff are in jail and facing an FBI investigation over the theft of Abraham Lincoln's papers, inaugural ball invitations, and other one-of-a-kind historical documents worth millions of dollars.

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I can't imagineLandau can do this kind of mess. He was been trusted for years; but he was ableto do those things. We all knew that the presidential documents are veryconfidential; that must be protected


Okay, let's get one thing absolutely straight.  Barry Landau is not a historian.  There's no evidence that he has any formal training at any level.  He clearly knows how to talk a good game, and has an obsession with presidential memorabilia, but that does not make him an historian, presidential or otherwise.


 I heard that the famous historian Barry Landau has been detained. If you can recall he is one of the primary experts on American presidents. Apparently, Landau and a young accomplice who was not named attempted to make off with historical documents that are worth millions. A huge payday loan may be needed to cover the stolen items.

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