Cab From 'Cash Cab' Hits and Kills Man in Canada

cash cab .jpg
A driver for 'Cash Cab,' the excellent mobile TV quiz show that is also kind of fake, ran over a 61-year-old man in Vancouver yesterday. The man, who was from Surrey, British Columbia, died of his injuries. The show had finished the night's filming and a producer (not the bald-pated host of the American version, although can you imagine?) was driving the van when it struck the man. No charges have been filed. This is like someone being electrocuted by their Jeopardy screen, or bludgeoned to death by the Wheel of Fortune, except real. The production company in charge, Castlewood Productions, didn't respond to my request for comment, nor did anyone at the Discovery Channel.

[Vancouver Sun]


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It's sort of fake? Very disappointing. But the Red Light Challenge is one of the best cheesy ideas around.

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