Daniel Bobis, Long Beach High Math Teacher, Goes Missing While Surfing in Indonesia

Daniel Bobis, a 32-year-old math teacher and surf team coach at Long Beach High, has gone missing while surfing in West Lampung, Indonesia, on Sunday morning. Rachel, Bobis' wife of five years, remains in Indonesia, and says that the U.S. Consulate has "been no help thus far." His board was located but there's no sign of Bobis, and his family and friends are alerting the public to the situation in hopes of getting a helicopter out to the remote reef to search for him.

The New York Post quotes Bobis' friend Brian Lonergan, who was with him surfing: "It was just a day like any other here. Danny had just taken a wave before me. I couldn't see him, and a few minutes later, his board washed up on the shore."

Lonergan, Rachel, and Jason King, who owns the Krui Dami Bungalow surf camp where they were all staying, have searched the beach to no avail. Lonergan says the waves weren't particularly rough or large, and that "Danny is a really capable surfer and a really capable swimmer."

According to Long Beach Patch, Long Beach Superintendent Dave Weiss issued this statement:

"We have been in contact with Senator Schumer's office to notify them about the situation and urge them to provide assistance to the local authorities with the rescue efforts," Weiss said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Danny's family and friends and we hope for his safe return."

"Danny is very popular and well-liked by students and staff, is a well-respected colleague, and a vital part of the school community," he added in the statement.

Bobis founded the high school surf team, the first such group in New York.

His friend Michael Cohn reached out, telling us, "One of my best friends was lost at sea in Indonesia...and the U.S. embassy has declined the proper help for a search party at sea. I am contacting anyone I can think of that can possibly help spread the news and help." There's a Facebook page devoted to the cause, and friends of the family are asking for help in urging the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta to send a helicopter to search for Bobis. The Embassy can be reached by calling (62)(21) 3435-9000.

Swept away [NYP]
Long Beach Teacher Missing in Sumatra [Patch]

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We are praying for you here in Indialantic, FL.


This guy got stuck in one of those caves in the reef or knocked out to bad your tax dollars don't help they are all tied up following that fuck in baby killer in fla

Christopher Matthew Fry
Christopher Matthew Fry

We have created a donation fund to aid in the search for Daniel Bobis. Funds will be allocated to any resources that will support the search including helicopter rental, local manpower, travel expenses, etc. All donations will be given directly to the family. Time is of the essence. Thank you for your support in these crucial hours. To donate, log in to Paypal and send funds to dannybobisfund@gmail.com


In these unfortunate situations you dont send a search crew.  Body can never be found.  Already used school funds for a surfing team.  At least it wasnt any of the students


Who says things like this? "at least it wasn't any of the students" yes, thank God for that, but this is still a son, a husband, teacher, mentor, and inspiration to many. It's the attitude like yours that has lead hundreds of people in the US to beg the embassy for help. Thanks for the PMA

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