David Wax and Wife Judy, NJ Orthodox Jews, Kidnapped Israeli Man Over a Divorce

David and Judy Wax, an Orthodox New Jersey couple, turned themselves into the FBI today after allegedly beating an Israeli man and claiming they'd bury him alive unless he gave his wife a religious divorce. Yisrael Briskman, the supposed victim, fled Israel without authorizing his wife's "get," or Orthodox divorce document that would allow her to get married again, and as a result was blacklisted by the High Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem, who barred Jews from being kind or doing business with him. In New Jersey, Wax and some goons allegedly jumped Briskman and threatened him with a body bag. "For you to get used to the size," Wax reportedly told his tied-up hostage.

Wax then supposedly called Briskman's dad in Israel and demanded $100,000 for the left-behind wife back in the holy land. "For you there's a special gift. It's called a bullet," Wax said to Briskman's father in a phone call that was allegedly recorded.

Wax's lawyer admitted he knows Briskman's scorned wife, but details are scarce.

Both David and Judy were released on $500,000 bond each. Hopefully the bullying was well rewarded.


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This story is ROTFLMFAO x three trillion billions!!

You see, what's really funny is that people in the year 2011, with an international space station up around the planet, are still spending all this time and effort on prima facie non-sensical traditions such as the Jewish get!

My God!  Scientology has got nothing on Islam and Judaism, never mind Bible Belt Christianity!!

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